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Welcome to our online Gift Store

Welcome to our online Gift Store


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For Love of the Teddy Bear

Pat, the Teddy Bear Lady, created Just Bears and Stuff 25  years ago in 1993 because of her love of all things Teddy Bear. 

She lives with her husband Dennis in the wilds of Oregon surrounded by natures beauty. 



Teddy Bears and so much more......


Just Bears and Stuff is anything but! We have cats, dogs, frogs, pigs, horses, and of course…Teddy Bears! in our online Gift Store. When you browse our shop, you’ll find surprises around every corner! If you’re looking for that unique gift for someone, we have lots to choose from! Collectible Plush,Collectible figurines, statuettes, tin signs, and so much more!


Small Business Everyday

Just Bears and Stuff is a small business run by a woman with a passion for helping people to find that special gift! Each shipment is overseen by Pat herself.  They are packed with extreme care and  the shipping is Free!!!

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Just Bears and Stuff

Myrtle Creek, Oregon, United States (541) 863-7470